Headlight Restoration


Have your headlights become hazy or turned yellow making it difficult to see at night? USA Glass can restore your vehicle’s headlights to their original clarity and shine at a fraction of the cost of new headlight fixtures.

If you have headlights that are totally fogged up, headlight restoration is a safety issue. Head lamps that are foggy and oxidized, cut your distance to a third of what it is meant to do. Having your headlights restored will bring your headlight back to factory specs.  We have a three step process to sand, polish and refinish the headlights.  Your headlights will look like new again and our process comes with a lifetime warranty on it for headlight restorations.  Don’t gamble with your safety any longer. Call for a quote today!

We also help your driving safety with Aquapell and wiper blades

Wiper blades

We carry wiper blades lengths for all the makes and models of vehicles from 14” to 28”.

Headlight Restoration Sacramento CA