Bus Windshield Window Glass Repair Replacement

If your bus has a cracked, chipped or broken windshield or glass window, we can typically repair or replace the windshield within a half a day and get you back on the road. For custom glass cut for buses, we are one of the few glass shops that are specialists for replacing glass for any bus.

Bus Windshield and Side Window Glass Mobile On Site Replacement Company Sacramento

Bus Windshield Replacement Company Sacramento CA

Metro Public Bus Windshield and Side Window Glass Replacement Company Sacramento

Tour Bus Windshield and Side Window Glass Replacement Company Sacramento CA

Custom Windshield Glass Repair and Replacement

USA Replacement Auto Glass offers replacement commercial custom cut glass to fit all types of vehicle glass and windshield replacement.  We cut custom glass for busses, boats, armored vehicles, trains and more. If you have a windshield or glass that is cracked, chipped or broken, need custom glass for your vehicle we can repair or replace it.

We have been offering custom cut glass, for residential and commercial uses in Sacramento for 30 years. All of our repairs have a “Leak Proof Guarantee” for all vehicles.

If your windshield or other glass has a chip or crack, call USA Replacement Glass.  We are a premier vendor for residential and commercial windshield glass repair and replacement for all makes models and years. We work hand in hand with insurance companies.  If you’re searching for a windshield repair near me, give us a call.  We can be reached at: 916-978-3550

Leak proof guarantee

We bring everything back to factory specs. We don’t always have to use OEM products, we use OEE which is OEM equivalent which is equal to the manufacturers but they are aftermarket products. And after doing 30 years of business we know which products to stay away from and which are the correct ones to use because we don’t want to do the job twice.

We have a lifetime, leak proof guarantee that covers a 100% guarantee on workmanship.   We make sure you have a windshield and glass that is installed correctly.  We never want you to have a windshield in and it is not properly installed, and has a leak.  If you have a windshield leak it can be a huge nightmare.  Leaky windshields and windows can let in water that gets down into carpeting, components and dripping on people’s heads.  We make sure the job is done right. If there is ever an issue we back or work 100%.

The only thing we don’t cover is a road hazard such as having a rock hit the windshield. There is nothing we can do about that.